Tuesday, April 17, 2007

- Lay of the Land on (Old Grey) Whistle Test

This is an epic, epic live performance from November, 1984.

Lay of the Land

Introduced by a very young looking Andy Kershaw, this is such a powerful performance from Smith and the band. Although I'm no great fan of modern dance I do think the presence of Michael Clark and a few close friends greatly enhances the spectacle.

I love this more every time I watch it, download it here or watch it on youtube here. Mark E Smith noted in a recent BBC documentary that it was really funny because the other members of the Fall had made their parents watch this on telly and all you could see was 'Michael Clark's arse.'

This performance happened the same month that the Band Aid single was released. Does anyone know if the Fall were invited to perform at Live Aid?


DuffPaddy said...

Thanks! Haven't seen this since it was broadcast, when I watched, extremely embarrassed, with my Mom. The original scratchy Kershaw intro and the VH-1 broadcast have been nicely spliced together.

BTW, I seem to remember reading in NME or somewhere at the time that if MES had seen Kershaw's Marc Riley T-shirt he'd have broken his legs!

Anonymous said...

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