Monday, April 30, 2007

- My favourite websites #1

The Big Ozine

Although I only discovered it recently, it has become a site I visit regularly. Once you go there, you'll quickly see why. Scroll about half way down the page to find loads of, quite frankly, excellent downloads. On offer at the moment are:

-Slade: London 1975
-The Evens: Brisbane 2007
-John McLaughlin & Santana: A Live Supreme
-Cat Power: KCRW 2006
-Blondie: The Old Waldorf 1977
-Branford Marsalis: Ronnie Scotts 2001
-Humble Pie: BBC Studios 1970
-Zumpano: Vancouver 1999
-Jan Garbarek: Hamburg 1984
-Prince: Superbowl 2007
-Liu Sola: Fantasy Of The Red Queen
-Free: Berkshire 1972
-Brotherhood Of Breath: Berlin 1971
-Tom Ze: KCRW 1999

OK, I admit it, I'm listening to Slade as I write this. Please be warned that the links to the MP3s only stay active for a short time, but please also be understanding, as this appears to be a one-man operation, with band width expenses and the like.

Check out the Big Ozine here.

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