Monday, June 15, 2009

- Roxy Musicus Vol.1

Don't care what you say, this is cool

Cool. The absolute epitomy of cool. Hopefully there are those among you who already share my opinion, but equally I hope there are those who will be getting their first listen of Roxy Music. No particular reason for this post other than I dug out a few of the old albums today and needed to share a few tracks as they're pretty close to perfection. Their early work from the early to mid 70s saw them instilled as Peel favourites; they did no less than four sessions in 1972. Today's offering comes from the later era, which, if certain fools are to be believed, their work would be described by Rolling Stone as:

"Roxy Music has not gone disco. Roxy Music has not particularly gone anywhere else either... as well as Flesh + Blood (is) such a shockingly bad Roxy Music record that it provokes a certain fascination."

Clearly wrong. If you don't believe me, all you have to do is listen to this fifteen minutes of wonder.

Roxy Musicus Vol.1

- Same old scene
- More than this
- Dance away
- Angel eyes

Listen now...


Planet Mondo said...

Totally with you Roxy don't get anywhere near the credit they deserve - a huge influence on punk, and 80s bands from Japan to Duran. Chic's uptown look was also Roxy based.

And then there's Eno.

creativeglo said...

So sooooooooooth. Recently I decided to not go buying any more old stuff, but now I've been reminded just how much class is present on this album, I might have to make just one exception. Thanks for posting.

Davy H said...

Oh what did 'Rolling Stone' ever know about anything anyway?

Can you tell your Live Feed thing that I most certainly am not in Purley, Surrey by the way? Ta.

Simon said...

Flesh and Blood is a truly great album and Same Old Scene a great song. I’ve never cared much for Eno-period Roxy Music—never cared much for Eno-period anything in fact.

entrailicus said...

I have to say that this post was inspired by what I read from Rolling Stone.

Planet Mondo: good stuff, they were still pioneers in the late 70s.

creativeglo: glad to hear it!

Davy H: My brother always ends up in Lancaster despite being in yorkshire.

Simon: Vol. 2 will focus on the earlier years, hope you'll give it a listen.

Davy H said...

Lancaster for Yorkshire! Blood has been shed for less!

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