Sunday, June 14, 2009

- Not November, 1976, but February, 1977

Model railways were very popular in 1976

The time is November, 1976 and the Uk has well and truly forgotten the manic heat of that summer. America, it seemed, had finally forgotten the years of slavery that had led to its civil war as, on November 2nd, Jimmy Carter defeated incumbent Gerald Ford, becoming the first candidate from the Deep South to win since the Civil War. On November 25th, which may or may not be the date of this broadcast, in San Francisco, The Band held its farewell concert, The Last Waltz.

More ominously, especially for those of you like me who think that, despite Terminator clearly being a work of fiction, the basic premise is almost certain to come true (yes, I am a freak, hopefully), on November 26th, which also may or may not be the date of this broadcast, Microsoft was officially registered with the Office of the Secretary of the State of New Mexico, thus commencing the end of the world as we know it...

This is how Britain looked in November, 1976:

UPDATE: Further investigation has revealed that this show dates to February, 1977 (9th to be exact) and the track list is as follows:

Wishbone Ash (live, recorded 16th January, 1977)

-King will come
-Mother of Pearl
-Blowin' free

Johnny Guitar Watson - A real mother for ya.


So It Goes said...

David Niven advertising Maxwell House. Gordon Jackson voicing over for Ready Brek. I love Britain.
P.S. Keith Chegwin's still a twat.

entrailicus said...

Always was and always will be. I was young enough at the time to wonder why I didn't get that orangey glow in the morning after eating Ready Brek.

ps - this show now added to the wiki too.

Anonymous said...

I heard this at the time and never thought I would hear it again. V happy memories. Thank you all (surprised that it was 77 though as my recollection is that it was Wishbone Ash at Hammersmith Odeon in 78 but I could be wrong).

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