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- The Eno / Fripp backwards blunder: 18th December, 1973

Jupiter, circa December, 1973

The time is December, 1973 and as a no-doubt grizzly three-month baby, I am shocked as Chile breaks diplomatic contacts with Sweden. Elsewhere, Papua New Guinea gains self government from Australia. The American Psychiatric Association removes homosexuality from its DSM-II, meaning that being gay is no longer a mental illness.

Good news for lazy buggers in the United Kingdom; due to coal shortages caused by industrial action, the three-day-week electricity consumption reduction measure comes into force. Pioneer 10 sends back the Earth’s first close-up images of Jupiter, finally giving us a decent look at the giant spot.

Here we see Patrick Troughton, by this time usurped by Jon Pertwee as TV’s Doctor Who, interviewed on Pebble Mill at One by Marian Foster, transmitted on 21st December, 1973. YouTube commenters on this clip allude to a certain degree of drunkenness, both on the part of the interview and the filming crew.

In case you were still wondering, British TV was a bit dodgy back in those days, to prove it, here is a festive except from the ‘classic’ Generation Game show, starring Frankie Howerd and Bruce Forsyth at their best, originally Broadcast on 25th December, 1973.

TOTP was at the peak of its powers, celebrating its tenth anniversary. Here are the opening two songs from the 1973 Christmas special presented by Peel colleagues Noel Edmonds and Tony Blackburn, with music from Slade and ‘little’ Donny Osmond.

Almost no shows exist from the period 1971 to 1974; in fact, this long-lost show is one of the very few examples of Peel on the radio during that time. It is also the show in which he unwittingly played a session by Robert Fripp and Brian Eno backwards, with Eno being regarded as a crank caller by the switchboard operator when he tried to phone Peel at the BBC to inform him of the error.



-Paul McCartney & Wings, 'Jet (LP-Band On The Run)' (Apple/Emi)
-Fripp & Eno, 'Heavenly Music Corporation' (Peel Session)
-Faces, 'Maybe I'm Amazed (7 inch)' (Warner Bros)
-Jack The Lad, 'Back On The Road Again' (Peel Session)

JP: 'It's around this time that we collect a whole handful of listeners that we wouldn't normally get if the television was working, and I'd like to tell you that, I'm very very sorry, but there's no television on. I'm very disappointed that you can't watch it, but, seeing as you can't, you can either listen to us, and we don't talk very much but we do play quite a lot of music. Or you can turn over to Radio Four, where they've got a talk on spinach or something like that.'

-Queen, 'Liar (LP-Queen)' (EMI)
-Bridget St. John, 'Curious & Woolly' (Peel Session)
-Travis Wammack, 'Scratchy (7 inch)' (Sonic)
-Pink Floyd, 'Bike (double LP reissue-A Nice Pair)' (Harvest)
-Bridget St. John, 'Choosing, You Lose One' (Peel Session)
-Jackie Brenston, 'Juiced (LP-Chess Golden Decade Vol. 1)' (Checker)

(11 p.m. news bulletin)

-Ian Carr's Nucleus, 'Caliban (LP-Roots)' (Vertigo)
-Bridget St. John, 'Jumble Queen' (Peel Session)
-Jack The Lad, 'Fast Lane Driver' (Peel Session)
-Ann Peebles, 'I Can't Stand The Rain (7 inch)' (Hi) (omitted from this recording)
-Bridget St. John, 'Sparrowpit' (Peel Session)
-Roy Buchanan, 'After Hours' (LP-Second Album) (Polydor)
-Jack The Lad, 'Where The Action Is' (Peel Session)
-Fripp & Eno, 'Swastika Girls' (Peel Session)

JP: 'I'd like to see what they make of that on Come Dancing...Opinion in here is divided...I think it's great, I really do, magnificent in fact, in the Tangerine (Dream) tradition, I suppose. Very very good, and well worth having the LP, incidentally.'

-Bridget St. John, 'In The Bleak Midwinter' (Peel Session)


Planet Mondo said...

It's worth digging out Eno's BBC session, when he was backed by pub rockers The Winkies some storming versions of tunes from Warm Jets and Another Green World - it was given a semi-legit release as Dali's Car in the early 90s

Peter Tron said...

ah, the fabled show i've heard so much about. I'm looking forwards to hearing it.



So It Goes said...

Glad my Wiki page came in useful. Great goddamned show, which should be required listening for everyone.

entrailicus said...

Cheers for accepting my blatant plagiarism! I posted this session a couple of years ago so it was great to hear the show.

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