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- Movietone sessions:1994 - 1997

Movietone create beguiling musical statements that draw explicit influence from the coastlines of England,’ or at least that is what record label Domino would have you believe, and who am I to argue? Formed in Bristol in 1994, Movietone revolve around core members Kate Wright and Rachel Brook. Brook was also a member of Flying Saucer Attack during the first few years of the band, while Wright is currently the bass player for Crescent.

Ostensibly an ongoing concern, no new album has appeared since 2003's ‘The Sand and the Stars’, which was recorded, as all albums should be, almost entirely live on a beach.

The band’s three sessions come from the mid 90s…

18th June, 1994

Movietone’s first session, recorded on 12th May, 1994.


-Heatwave Pavement
-Darkness Blue Glow
-Mono Valley


Kate Wright (Guitar, Vocals)
Rachel Brook (Bass)
Ros Walford (Clarinet, Perc)
Matt Elliot (Guitar, Percussion, Piano)
Matt Jones (Drums)

10th February, 1996
Movietone’s second session, recorded on 28th January, 1996.


-The Voice Came Out Of The Box And Dropped
-Blank Like Snow
-Chocolate Grinder


Kate Wright (Guitar, Vocals)
Matt Elliott (Guitar, Noise)
Rachel Brook (Bass, Xylophone)
Matt Jones (Drums)

20th September, 1997
Movietone’s third session, recorded on 31st August, 1997


-The Blossom Filled Streets
-Facing West From California's Shores


Kate Wright (Guitar, Vocals)
Matt Elliott (Guitar, Noise)
Rachel Brook (Bass, Xylophone)
Matt Jones (Drums)

Movietone record label site


So It Goes said...

Adam, guy, you know how much I worship the ground you walk why can't I download these? All say 'file not found'.
Not the sort of thing you want in your inbox on a Sunday morning, so can I mollify you by the new layout? Steve x

entrailicus said...

I'll check it out. Hope I can solve the problem. Is it sunday morning already in Korea, it's still saturday night here? (stupid question as I already know the answer).

Anonymous said...

first of all, really cool blog.
i have just discovered your movietone post and was really excited. it seems though that the files are no longer available. is there any chance you'd be able to make them available again?
this would be highly appreciated.
thanks in advance.

Greg said...

Hey, I'm trying to d/l the movietone sessions and keep getting 'file not found'. Is there any way you can put them backl up for a while? :)

Rob said...

I'd also be very grateful if these could re-uploaded. I've never seen the first session shared in full anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

hello. Nice blog. Any chance you might be able to re-upload these files?
Thank in advance

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