Tuesday, November 11, 2008

- Erazerhead Session: 20th July, 1982

I haven't shared any sessions with you for a while so I felt it was about time. Here we have Erazerhead's one and only offering, dating from 1982. The East Londoners were more often compared with the likes of The Ramones than the nihilistic thrashings of their UK contemporaries, but their relentless enthusiasm and manic vibrant energy ensured their place in the annals of UK punk. Formed in 1980, their frontman Lee Drury's passion for rock 'n' roll would help colour Erazerhead's musical offerings.

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Lee Dury (Vocals)
Jim Berlin (Guitar)
Billy Trigger (Drums)
Gary Spanner (Bass)

I await the deluge of complaints that this track list doesn't match the one that you've seen elsewhere. Please let me know if you have more info.

Track list:

I Hate You
Teenager In Love
Noone sees me now
Martian girl

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File size: 7mb

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