Tuesday, November 25, 2008

- 30 from 30 Breaks the DivShare Bank

So many of you rushed to download the latest podcast that the monthly limit is about to be breached. Never fear ,boys and girls, I've uploaded it to a new account and you can download it here. A fantastic effort from Steve to name all thirty tracks, now it's down to the rest of you to fill in the gaps:

1. Siouxsie and The Banshees, 'Love In A Void' (Session #1)
2. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band, 'Electricity' (Session #1)
3. Meteors, 'Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down' (Session #2)
4. David Bowie, 'Queen Bitch' (Paris concert)
6. Smiths, 'What Difference Does It Make' (Session #1)
8. Cure, '17 Seconds' (Session #3)
9. Department S, 'Is Vic There' (only session)
10. Killing Joke, 'Wardance' (Session #1)
11. Joy Division, 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' (Session #2)
12. Adam And The Ants, 'Deutscher Girls' (Session #1)
13. Queen, 'Spread Your Wings' (Session #3)
14. Damned, 'New Rose' (Session #1)
15. Motorhead, 'Louie Louie' (only session)
16. Cocteau Twins...
17. Pavement, 'The Classical' (Session #4)
19. Chameleons, 'The Fan The Bellows' (Session #1)
20. Fall, 'ROD' (Session #10)
25. House Of Love, 'Christine' (Session #3)
27. Nirvana, 'About A Girl' (Session #1)
28. Breeders, 'Hellbound' (only session)
29. Future Sound Of London, 'Papua New Guinea' (Session #1)
30. Billy Bragg, 'Between The Wars' (Session #3)

If you think you can help, leave comments below and I'll update the list. Meanwhile, in news from elsewhere, those of you who feel that the blog is, and I quote, 'slightly bewildering' and even a 'complete mess', you should bloody well see the rest of my life. While we're at it, I don't really know where you live, stop being silly. I've changed the little caption anyway, hope you approve.

All new listen now...


Matz said...

'ello, I'm the slightly bewildered one, sorry if it caused you even a second's grief, just a first impression shared amongst friends is all it was and I intended to have a deeper dig around at some point. Having a little look now and I'm liking it a lot. I'm obviously very easily bewildered. And, good grief, don't go changing stuff for the likes of us, man! Silly is right, it was only the most ironic of scareds you know.

entrailicus said...

No offence taken. seriously, though, if you think this place is a muddle, just be glad you're not living my life!

Any feedback is good and I aim to please those of you who do drop by. hope you find something hewre you like.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing there's a Shonen Knife track in there from maybe 91 or 92. OOne of the others sounds like Soundgarden.

entrailicus said...

Well done. I'll make an edit to the list.

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