Saturday, July 5, 2008

- 1976 Revisited

I've always felt that '76 was important enough to warrant a 50 of its own. As we all know, this was Peel's inaugural festive offering and was an all-time best list, featuring the likes of Genesis and many others who were conspicuous by their absence from subsequent years.

I got to thinking what a fifty would have been like just for the year 1976, then thought that we could bloody well go ahead and do it, albeit thirt-odd years too late. After the unmitigated success of Steve's super-duper all-time fifty on Teenage Kicks last year, I'm going to compile all of your votes and do a series of podcasts round about the end of December / beginning of January based on your favourite records of that stupendous year.

Here's what you need to do:

-Choose your favourite 3 tracks from 1976 (they must be from that year).

-Email them to me at the special address:

-Sit back and relax.

-Go to the pub.

-Check the blog some time towards the end of the year.

I'll only be taking entries sent to that address as I suspect this is going to be quite a task, so please don't leave your entries in the form of comments on any of the blog posts. Am I nuts for doing this. Yes, probably so.


Ed said...

will draw attention to this on 17 Seconds.

An excellent idea, by the way.

Trying to decide what would be there for me (was only born in November 1976 so cannot claim any great anecdotes from that year : )


entrailicus said...

I myself turned three in the summer of '76 and my memory of the year is a bit fuzzy to say the least!

So It Goes said...

Shit, I was lot make me feel bloody old.
I'm 45 this Friday.

domestic empire said...

blogged :)

domestic empire said...

Belated happy birthday Steve. I was nine in '76, so not that far behind you!

ally. said...

cor my poor old brain is going to be worn out with all this peelness. i'm on it though honest

tom oreally said...

Wasn't really keeping up with Peel shows that year but reading NME's coverage of "pub-rock" and nascent upsurge of short haired, short length, fast paced rock. Peel played The Ramones first album to the discontent of his then hairy, laid-back audience (I Saw Dr Feelgood at Reading the previous year - hosted by Peel). After the early 70's Glam, Metal and Prog excitement, things had been a bit flat until...late '76, working in a factory, brain turning to mush with pop radio when one of those rare moments of groundshaking excitement. One of the new release singles of that week got it's first airing for a phone-in poll to say if it'd be a hit or not. Through the mush and pap came the cataclysmic, graunching guitars and high octane fanfare for the coarse gravelly throated statement of discontent, Anarchy In The UK.

entrailicus said...

Thanks for all comments since I last made a comment. The new Festive 50 is shaping up really nicely now.

Looking forward to your votes!

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