Wednesday, November 26, 2008

- Countdown to Festive Season #2: 1988

Just to make it clear, I will be posting links to every currently available Festive Fifty over the next month or so, as long as the day job doesn't get in the way. I should also make it clear that they will in no way be coming along chronologically, just in whatever order takes my fancy. This time we leap forward to December, 1988, a time when I was a moody fifteen-year-old who spent way to much time alone in his room listening to Pink floyd and, ahem, Marillion. Photos of me during this period exist, apparently, although I go to great efforts to keep them hidden.

This was also the month that Roy Orbison died; it's been twenty years, really. It was also the month that Pan Am Flight 103 was blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing a total of 270 people, Benazir Bhutto was sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan, becoming the first woman to head the government of an Islam-dominated state and Estonian became the official language of Estonia; communism was well and truly on its way out. for a couple of days in September, the world was astounded by this...

Oooh, you cheeky bugger

...of course, he was to cause more of a stir when his cheating was discovered. I remember getting up at something like 3:00 am to watch this race, I was so happy when that smug git Carl Lewis lost. Oh well. This was also the year that Red Dwarf started. The Festive 50 this tear was broadcast between 20th and 28th December. Should you wish, you can get to listen to these shows by clicking here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.


entrailicus said...

Festive Fifty for 1988:

1. House Of Love - Destroy The Heart
2. Wedding Present - Nobody's Twisting Your Arm
3. Jesus And Mary Chain - Sidewalking
4. Wedding Present - Take Me (I'm Yours)
5. Dinosaur Jr - Freak Scene
6. My Bloody Valentine - You Made Me Realise
7. Pixies - Gigantic
8. Wedding Present - Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now?
9. House Of Love - Christine
10. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - The Mercy Seat
11. Inspiral Carpets - Keep The Circle Around
12. Morrissey - Everyday Is Like Sunday
13. Morrissey - Suedehead
14. Fall - Cab It Up
15. Wedding Present - I'm Not Always So Stupid
16. Fall - Bremen Nacht
17. My Bloody Valentine - Feed Me With Your Kiss
18. House Of Love - Love In A Car
19. Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot
20. Sugarcubes - Deus
21. Robert Floyd & The New Four Seasons - Something Nice
22. Morrissey - Late Night Maudlin Street
23. Morrissey - Disappointed
24. Fall - Big New Prinz
25. Billy Bragg - Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards
26. Cocteau Twins - Carolyn's Fingers
27. Fall - Kurious Oranj
28. Overlord X - 14 Days In May
29. Sonic Youth - Silver Rocket
30. Pixies - Where Is My Mind
31. Mudhoney - Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More
32. Spit - Road Pizza
33. James - What For
34. Pooh Sticks - On Tape
35. Stump - Charlton Heston
36. Fall - Jerusalem
37. Shalawambe - Samora Machel
38. McCarthy - Should The Bible Be Banned
39. Pixies - River Euphrates
40. Fall - Guest Informant
41. Loop - Collision
42. Flatmates - Shimmer
43. Mega City 4 - Miles Apart
44. New Order - Fine Time
45. Pixies - Bone Machine
46. Primitives - Crash
47. Darling Buds - Shame On You
48. Happy Mondays - Wrote For Luck
49. Wedding Present - Don't Laugh
50. Public Enemy - Night Of The Living Baseheads

Anonymous said...

was all that 20 years ago?! blimey, that makes me feel old!

great blog by the way, keep up the good work!


dickvandyke said...

Great work.

Enjoyed that very much.

entrailicus said...

You're welcome dick. Thanks Andrew More on the way soon...

Anonymous said...

I taped bits of 85, 86 and 87, and then nothing until 1993, so it's great to hear this one again after all these years. Thanks.

Blue Koyote, Dublin

entrailicus said...

Your story is one familiar to so many of us, Blue Koyote. Most of my tapes ended up being recorded over, not by me I should add.

entrailicus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

A very festive way to get us through to Christmas - keep up the good work! If you get stuck trying to locate any particular year, give me a shout

Andrew (T)

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