Friday, May 29, 2009

- Play Dead sessions: 1982-84

As you can see, Goths were very cool

Play Dead were an English Goth rock group from Oxford that emerged from English punk scene in the early '80s. Though the band identified with other Goth groups, they felt they didn't really belong under the 'Goth' label. The band made three studio albums for a few different small labels before forming their own label, 'Tanz', for their final album, Company Of Justice, which appeared in 1985.

The original lineup was Rob Hickson (vocals), Pete Waddleton (bass), Mark "Wiff" Smith (drums), and Re-Vox (guitar). In July 1981, Re-Vox was replaced by Steven Green. The band recorded 3 Peel sessions between 1982 and 1984.

28th January, 1982

23rd June, 1983

18th January, 1984

Cheers to Martin Wheatley for these.

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marksplatter said...

sad i missed this one. great band!

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