Friday, May 15, 2009

- Led Zep at Live Aid

I didn't edit this pic, they really were wearing those clothes

On 13th July, 1985, Page, Plant and Jones reunited for the Live Aid concert at the JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, playing a short set featuring Phil Collins. Collins had contributed to Plant's first two solo albums so eemed like a natural choice to complete the lineup.

The performance was, however, marred by the lack of rehearsal with the drummer, Page's struggles with an out-of-tune Les Paul guitar and by Plant's hoarse voice. Page himself has described the performance as 'pretty shambolic', while Plant was even less kind, summing it up as an 'atrocity'. Personally, I think the worst thing about it is the mid '80s crime againt fashion as evident in the pic above.

When Live Aid footage was released on a four-DVD set in late 2004 to raise money for Sudan, the group unanimously agreed not to allow footage from their performance to be used, asserting that it was not up to their standard. However, to demonstrate their support for the campaign, Page and Plant pledged proceeds from their Page and Plant DVD release and John Paul Jones pledged the proceeds of his then-current US tour with Mutual Admiration Society to the project.

Download the debacle here (198mb).

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Planet Mondo said...

I'm huge Pagey fan, but remember see the Atlantic Anniversary gig (87) and they dropped the other bollock at that one - ouch!!

My cousin saw them at the 02, said they were incredible, played her dream set list, and she spent the entire gig in tears

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