Friday, May 29, 2009

- Enjoyable romp from 1982

People looked like this in 1982

Short, sharp and to the point... would be a huge improvement on my current posts, but work continues to be a real bugger. Another one courtesy of the mighty Teenage Kicks Steve, a mix tape of 1982 shows. The master speaks:
‘Mark was at the same Uni at the same time that I was, but in a different college. He made this compilation of various sessions and Peel plays, and has several more. Dates are largely unknown (and it's not entirely October 1982), but it's an enjoyable romp. Despite his reservations, the quality is not all that bad.’

Info here.

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So It Goes said...

Loves ya loves ya loves ya Adamski! Didn't waste any time featuring this. Thanks buddy.

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