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- The Ramones: The 914 Sessions, September, 1975

Thanks to the mighty Big Ozine for this…

Before the Ramones hit it big with their self-titled debut album in 1976, there was this little nugget flying around. Recorded on September 19, 1975 at 914 Studios, Blauvelt, New York, Judy's In The Basement was released as a 10-inch EP by Hit & Run Records, and made in East Berlin. The liner notes also state that the songs were produced by Tommy Erdelyi.

At that time, the Ramones were punk. But then, given the simplicity of the songs, the catchy melodies, the singalong-ness of their tunes and those bombastic chords (never mind that they were the same three or four ones) - it's hard not to like the Ramones and doubly hard not to be inspired by them. For many, the idea of the Ramones might be boiled down to this: it's so simple anyone can do it! But the Ramones were being themselves and the fans understood this.

Track list:

-I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement
-53rd & 3rd
-I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
-Judy Is A Punk


Johnny Ramone - guitar
Joey Ramone - vocals
Dee Dee Ramone - bass
Tommy Ramone – drums

Download the file

File size: 14mb


Onion Terror said...

Now this is a coincidence...
I was just reading Margrave of the Marshes and thought I'd check here to see if you had linked to the 1976 Peel show when he'd first played the Ramones then I saw this post at the top! Even though you don't link to any 76 shows, this kind of makes up for it! Cheers.

entrailicus said...

You're more than welcome. I was really pleased to get hold of this and glad you can share in my pleasure!

markonnewsgroups said...

Thanks for this, it's a real find! Great of you to take the trouble to put it up.

entrailicus said...

It was no trouble really. Thanks for dropping by and please vote in the 1976 Festive 50!

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