Monday, October 13, 2008

- Prolific Blogger Cheers me up No End

The blogger I'd previously only known as Mr. Obscure but whom I now know as Stuart sent me a couple of fantastic emails recently that cheered me up no end, hence the title of this post. I'm sure anyone who blogs knows the feeling: from time to time you just feel like there's no bloody point and you just want to jack it all in. I've been going through a few of those days recently, but a few kind words from a fellow blogger or two are all it's needed to get me back on track. Aforementioned Stuart has a load of, quite frankly, marvellous music blogs, all of which I'm going to list now:

- Mr. Obscure

- Post Punk Power Pop

- Free Fiction 4 U

- Guitar Instrumentals 4 U

- Rare & Elusive

- Super 70s Sounds

- The Audio Emporium

- The World Upstairs

- The Tremolo Men

- '78 to '81

- Costello Variety

If there isn't something for everyone in that little lot, then I don't know what the world is coming to. Thanks to all of you who support what I'm doing and those who leave comments on posts, they are always appreciated. Thanks also for the recent (relative) deluge of votes for the 1976 Festive 50, the chart is shaping up to be a nice mix of punk and disco classicvs with a little bit of reggae thrown into the mix.

I hope you'll be glad to hear that there's no chance of me packing in this blogging lark just yet. While we're at it, anyone know if the 7/3/1979 Peel show with a session from Hi Fi has surfaced yet?


Mr Obscure said...

Adam - thank you so much for plugging my webpages, it's damned good of you. I have to say that fades in slowly is one of the best archival resources on the web and I don't say that lightly.
A superb idea presented economically and stylishly.
So many Peel shows from the mid- seventies to the early eighties featured a wealth of screamingly rare treasure, and thanks to kind souls such as yourself we can now start to sift through the gems.
Well done, that man!

- mr. obscure (Stuart Jones)

markonnewsgroups said...

Many thanks for all you've done, and for all you're doing! I really appreciate it. And yes, I'll add my Festive 50 vote...

entrailicus said...

Thanks chaps, I feel suitably spurred on.

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