Monday, July 28, 2008

- Kat's Karavan Makes my July

Not only is the Perfumed Garden back in the full swing of things, we also have a stupefyingly great addition to the Peel archive over at the mighty Kat's Karavan. Here's what Mr. D. Paddy has to say about the New Years Eve 1967 show:

So here we have music-loving Johnny Peel and Thomas ("The") Vance introducing a Radio 1 Top Gear show from New Year's Eve 1967. There's sessions from The Alan Bown (Set), The Herd (featuring Peter Frampton, "The Face of 1968"), The Moody Blues, The Pink Floyd and Eric Burdon and The Animals.

Apart from tape flips and a couple of minor glitches, this is a full 3-hour show in four parts (192K MP3). Admittedly, it's pretty lo-fi stuff, but perfectly listenable when your ears become attuned to it.

I haven't listened to it yet but am foaming at the mouth with excitement. Once again I get to use the phrase 'gloriously washy medium wave', yay!

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