Tuesday, January 17, 2012

- Real life CSI

CSI is an awesome program. I’ve often wondered what goes into computer forensic investigation and, after a bit of research, I’ve found it’s just as interesting in real life. Computer forensics is basically an examination of computers which is conducted during criminal investigations. While police are examining files and data on the computer during the investigation, they utilize the art of computer forensics.

Basically, if you need to examine a suspect's computer to learn whether or not they are taking part in hacking or industrial espionage case, or if the computer in question is being actively used to commit the crime, you will be involved in computer forensic investigation.

So much CSI work is data recovery training and support. In this day and age, almost all data is managed and manipulated by computers and therefore it is completely possible to lose data in any number of ways. You might accidentally delete your data, or it may become inaccessible due to an unfortunate a computer crash. Of course, in some cases, people have gone to great lengths to purposefully hide data. In any given state of affairs, lost data can easily be recovered by using contemporary data recovery techniques. Indeed, data recovery tools, software and hardware are now commonplace parts of any data recovery investigation.

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