Tuesday, October 19, 2010

- Getting your customised T-Shirt

Nothing in this world changes faster as the fashion. What constitutes today’s styles and fashion may become totally obsolete by this time next week. For a lot of people, meeting one’s own clothing needs means turning to customised clothing. This basically means getting garments personally made according to one’s needs.

So, how can you get customized clothing that suits your style? The traditional way was to buy a piece of cloth and pay a visit to your local tailor’s shop and then get the item of clothing that suited your desire. Fortunately, we now live in the twenty-first century and this, even though the results may be stunning, is no longer necessary (check out Billy's Savings Club for ideas).

Getting a Customized Clothing is not a new trend but it’s prevalent ever since the man has started using clothes. CafePress custom t-shirts is now recognised as being the world's favorite place to find or make unique T-shirts and gifts. Tailors have been serving people since the beginning of time, but the advent of the internet has made this practice much more widespread. CafePress truly offers the best assortment of personalised gifts as well as unique t-shirts, clothing, mugs, art and even posters and Christmas ornaments. CafePress has millions of designs from around the world that range from funny to cool to designs for promotional use.

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I like your blog, and I downloaded several of your audio clips. Thanks! In return, I'd like to share some recordings I have of Peel from 79, 83, and 85. You can download them from

Dave Schmidt
Manhattan, Kansas, USA

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