Tuesday, January 6, 2009

- Post Festive Season Chillout #13: 1998

I'm starting to regret committing to getting all the fifties out there, but there you go! On to 1998 then, a time when I was living in the United States and generally gaining lots of weight. Speaking of America, this was the year of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, which basically centered around how scandallous it was for any woman to not wash a dress covered with semen for several months. Elsewhere, the world was intrduced to the iMac:

The IMac

In football, England were undone at the world cup by those dastardly Argentinians:

Why David, why?

The 1998 Festive 50 was broadcast over several nights, and you can listen to all shows by clicking here, here, here (22nd Dec), here, here, here (23rd), here, here, here (29th), here, here and here (30th).


entrailicus said...

The Festive Fifty of 1998:

1. Delgados - Pull The Wires From The Wall
2. Mogwai - Xmas Steps
3. Belle & Sebastian - Boy With The Arab Strap
4. Ten Benson - The Claw
5. Pop Off Tuesday - Unwordly
6. Cuban Boys - Oh My God They Killed Kenny
7. Bis - Eurodisco
8. Pulp - This Is Hardcore
9. Delgados - Everything Runs Around The Water
10. Helen Love - Long Live The UK Music Scene
11. Jesus & Mary Chain - Crackin Up
12. Daniel Johnston - Dream Scream
13. Clinic - Cement Mixer
14. Badly Drawn Boy - I Need A Sign
15. Cinerama - Kerry Kerry
16. Plone - Plock
17. L'augmentation - Soleil
18. Boards Of Canada – Aquarius
19. Solex - All Lickety Split
20. Evolution Control Committee - Copyright Violation For The Nation
21. Massive Attack - Teardrop
22. Spiritualized (Meltdown) - Oh Happy Day
23. Solex Session - One Louder Solex
24. Melys - Lemming
25. Half Man Half Biscuit - Turn A Blind Eye
26. Belle & Sebastian - Sleep The Clock Around
27. Clinic - Monkey On Your Back
28. Fatboy Slim - Rockafeller Skank
29. Super Furry Animals - Ice Hockey Hair
30. Billy Bragg - Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key
31. Freed Unit - Widdershins
32. Male Nurse - My Own Private Patrick Swayze
33. Mercury Rev - Goddess On A Highway
34. Elbow - Powder Blue
35. Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Sweet Johnny
36. Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Hush The Warmth
37. Melt Banana - Stimulus For Revolting Virus
38. Delgados - The Actress
39. Quickspace - If I Were A Carpenter
40. 60ft Dolls - Alison's Room
41. Boards Of Canada - Roygbiv
42. Derrero - Radar Intruder
43. Hefner - Pull Yourself Together
44. Rooney - Went To Town
45. Soda Stream - Turnstyle
46. Sportique - Kids Are Solid Gold
47. Ten Benson - Evil Heat
48. Autechre - Fold 4 Wrap 5
49. Fall - Shake-Off
50. PJ Harvey - Is This Desire

dickvandyke said...

Many yhanks.

Important to know your Dorrero from your Elbow back then.

dickvandyke said...

As I said to Tom, "y Hanks, why do I posses sausages for fingers?"

So It Goes said...

Oh dear Dick, was the scrumpy good? ;-)
Adam, did you ever do the 1982 dual chart? I don't remember seeing it. I spent an awful lot of time on the Wiki and emailing Ken Garner in order to get it completed: it's here, if you haven't and fancy a gander.

entrailicus said...

Cheers Steve. I have the '82 charts buried away on DVDs somewhere in the vault and had put it off as it would have meant uploading the files to divshare.

Think you just saved me a lot of work!

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