Thursday, January 29, 2009

- Album Review: Exogamy by Wedlock

You may remember that earlier this month I added my latest addition to my very occasional ‘give ‘em a listen’ section. Those of you who reside in Chapel Hill, NC, as I know so many of you who visit the blog do, may have been lucky enough to see this band in action. Their latest album, Exogamy, was actually released in April of last year, and has so far had three singles released from it, ‘Discopharma’, ‘Still Unsatisfied,’ and most recently the Jonestown-inspired ‘Reverend Charisma’, which I previously praised.

While by no means being trashed, Exogamy has received mixed reviews, but I tend to agree with a comment left by a certain individual identified only as ‘Beatstalker’ to the review on the Music Emissions website, who suggests:

Whoever wrote the last review on Wedlock must have been on crack and I am willing to pay for rehab. Wedlock is an amazing new band that should be on every Ipod in the world.’

The tracks from the album Exogamy, Wedlock's full length debut, are an eclectic bunch of electronica gems. The album was released on Kounterfeit Records last April, 2008. To date, three digital singles have been culled from it, with the band receiving numerous reviews across the web. Wedlock consist of Paul Allgood, Jay Bowden, Ana Mitchell and Baxter Smith and are perhaps best described as a combination of techno pop and digital funk. For me the thing that stands out the most about this album is the diversity of the lyrics and range of song styles. On Exogamy there is a wonderful mix of banging dance tunes (such as ‘Asseswaving’ and ‘Discopharma’), politically charged anthems (see ‘Reverend Charisma’ and ‘Allegiance… WTF’) and even love songs thrown into the mix (‘Black Sundress’).

With their lyrical depth and electronic beats, Wedlock could slowly but surely carve out a niche in the dance scene. Not living on groove alone, Wedlock tries to shake things up with strong personal and sometimes politically charged lyrics. Despite this intensity, Exogamy is often fun, energetic and makes you want to get up and move.

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