Wednesday, April 30, 2008

- Flametune: Lyrical Source

Being a Peel head means that I’ve developed something of a taste for fine lyrics over the years, as well as compiling a personal collection of the more dubious examples from the annals of modern popular music. Among my favourites in the latter category are the, ahem, Avril Lavigne lyrics to her unforgettable and innovatively titled ‘sk8er boi’. Let’s examine in detail, shall we:

He's was a boy,

She's was a girl,

Cannot make it any more obvious,

He was a punk,

She did ballet,

What more can I say.

Not a lot, it would seem. But seriously, one site that really helps me unearth gems such as this is Flametune, officially describing itself as the ‘tabs and lyrics community’ which it certainly is. Most of you who come here often enough will know of my musical, er, prowess from my remixes and other electronic efforts that I foist upon you from time to time. I do, however, appreciate the years of hard work and dedication of all you real musicians out there, which is why I like Flametune’s other facilities such as, dare I mention her name again, Avril Lavigne guitar tabs and, lest we neglect the true heroes of any band other than The Doors, Avril Lavigne bass tabs.

While I’m coming across as something of a Lavigne basher, I heavily recommend checking out the other artists on the site, Jeff Buckley being an example of another, proper favourite of mine and among the hundreds of guitar and bass tabs added constantly.


Anonymous said...

Dude, Avril Lavigne rocks

Anonymous said...

Flametune's design, forums, marketing ideas and even copyright have been directly copied from I think it's very sad.

In addition, they claim they are based in Russia, and are licensed, but that is bullshit. Their server is in Ukraine, and MPA will surely shut them down soon as well.

I don't much appreciate people who steal others' ideas and contents.

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