Thursday, August 9, 2007

- Unpredictable Porridge finally up and running

I was pleased to receive notice in my mailbox this morning that Unpredictable Porridge is finally about to get started:


John Peel's Unpredictable Porridge page has been a long time in the building process. This site will continue the legacy of John Peel, you can upload your new musical creations and check out other emerging talent.

Regardless of what style of music you are into, or whether you like to play music, create music, or just listen to music; this site will be for you. John's son William, and Universal Music are seeking to further John's commitment by providing real opportunities and potential record deals for emerging acts. This new interactive portal will be all about your ideas, your talent and your passion for music.


I received this message having already subscribed to the Unpredicatable Porridge website.


So It Goes said...

Looks exciting, doesn't it?
Drop by soon, I've missed you.

sam said...

Wonderful idea which I am sure John would love

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