Wednesday, August 8, 2007

- Big Ozine UPDATE #5

This week's free mp3s over at the Big Ozine:

-Rolling Stones: Shanghai 2006 (yes, they're still alive, apparently)

-Jimi Hendrix: Randall's Island, 1970

-Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue: Sant'Anna Arresi 2004

-Bobbie Gentry: TV Soundtrack

-Loggins & Messina: Kansas 1972

-Neil Young: Living With War Live

-Linda Ronstadt: Keeping Out Of Mischief

-Van Morrison: Inner Mystic Remastered

-Ornette Coleman: Rotterdam 2007

-Elton John: Dubai, 2002

-Girlschool: London, 1980 (!)

-Joanna Newsom: Munich, 2005

-Jimi Hendrix: Miami, 1968

-Thurston Moore / Rashied Ali / Ginger Baker / Art Blakey: Improv

Remember to read the articles too!

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