Thursday, October 1, 2009

- New Wedlock album

October is now upon us, meaning that memories of summer are drifting away and the leaves, even here in Istanbul, are turning. One thing that's keeping me going is the knowledge that North Carolina’s Wedlock have a new, 10-track, full length release coming out this month, entitled, Continuity, as with their pervious release, on Kounterfeit Records.

Those of you with better memories than I may remember that I while back I blogged about the Chapel Hill based electronic pop band and their 2008 album Exogamy. Well, the band are back with a new release, and for those of you who wish to look and listen, here’s a You Tube video clip promoting the album's release.

This could prove to be the moment that the band makes it big and seems to be an opportune time for a new album release, as their previous album, the aforementioned Exogamy, is currently riding high at number 20 on the GBLT chart at For me there is definite progression from their last album and in particular from their 2006 debut EP, The Matrimony Ep. I sense development in the cultured nature of their songs and the lyrical content which is now growing into a more comfortable partnership with their electronic sound. Having said that, Continuity is still a fitting title as you’ll be able to recognize the band’s style as a continuation of earlier releases.

As is custom in these modern times, the band have given you the chance to listen to the new material before you decide to buy it. Listen to Continuity here and please leave a comment below to tell me what you think about the band. Continuity will be widely available online at all the regular joints such as iTunes, Amazon, and many other other online retailers, also directly from the band's online shop.

Those among you of a voting disposition, and I know there are one or two, will be pleased to know that the band currently has the most votes in's ‘Indie Band of The Year’ award for 2009 for the upcoming Continuity, currently rated a whopping 4 out of 5 by Music Emissions. If you’ve been convinced by me, you’ve got until October 31st to help determine the winner.

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