Wednesday, August 26, 2009

- 70 songs (Vol. 3)

Amazingly, I seem to be reasonably on schedule with this series of podcasts celebrating JP's upcoming 70th birthday. Work to be done still, so keep calling by for more.

Here's part three, download or listen now...


Dave said...

Looking forward to the anniversary. FYI I just posted a short film (6:42) at Youtube about John Peel starting in radio in Dallas and his incredible tale about the Kennedy assassination and his attendance at Lee Harvey Oswald's infamous midnight press conference. I'd be tickled if you could post it.

Youtube link here:

Anonymous said...

Could you help me with this one?
Any help is highly appreciated.
Thank you,

Arthur Seaton said...

thanks for the mp3's much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Hi! :-)

Keep up the good wrok

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