Monday, March 9, 2009

- The Who at the Beeb

Once you've lived away from your country of birth for a while, the very notion of nationality starts to get a little confusing and you realise that patriotism is faintly ridiculous, nationalism much more so. Nevertheless, I consider it extremely cool that I'm from the same country as this group. The Who recorded approximately a shit load of stuff at the BBC during the 60s, there are some real gems to be had. I've cobbled a few tracks together here to make one hell of a montage. The sound is a bit crap for the first thirty seconds or so, sorry about that, but it picks up thereafter. If you haven't listened to the Who for a while, prepare to be reminded how bloody good they are, if you're listening to the band for the first time, well...

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The Who - The BBC Sessions

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David said...

The Who are a great band, and as far as rock n' roll goes, I'd say there are plenty of reasons for sharing national pride (Small Faces, Stones, Cream, the list goes on and on).

Actually, sometimes I have to stop and remind myself of the great American groups I love; as an American I sometimes have to wonder if my tastes in classic rock n' roll lean too heavily towards the British groups!

The Nuggets box sets have been a great help in finding out about some fantastic groups from all over the world, something I've increasingly become interested in lately. I'm sure the hardcore record collectors are far ahead of us in this field!

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