Thursday, February 28, 2008

- The Horrors of Turkish Driving: Part ONE

OK, OK, I know that people all around the world are horrible drivers; road rage is a universal problem. Quite frankly, I don’t care how bad other countries are. I live in Turkey and I’m telling you, the most cretinous, just crawled out of the swamp retard drivers on the planet live in Turkey. The video you’re about to be horrified by is absolutely typical of every single journey I’ve ever made in this country.

The word ‘incompetence’ has just been redefined by these tools

Don’t get me wrong, I love Turkey. I do genuinely wish, however, that there was some kind of Guantanemo Bay facility by the side of every road where bad drivers could be immediately removed from their vehicles and detained for the term of their natural lives.

In the words of the creator of this work, nlty2000:

Unbelievable traffic madness in Turkey. This is a short compilation of my 11km urban commute. These funny happenings are ordinary in every city. I am late for work almost everyday because of accidents. You cannot see the accidents here, I was not lucky enough to have any of them happened right in front of me. Stay tuned for an accident scene compilation video.

I hereby warn every tourist about dangers and risks of road transport in Turkey. Avoid, if possible. Death rate happens to be a close second or third in the world, right behind India and China (or Iran).

I’ll be returning to the work of nlty2000 on a regular basis. Oh, and while we’re at it, the driver of 34 ZZ 8306 who tried to gouge off the front of my car with his incompetent driving the other day: you’ve got a really, really small penis and bad driving isn’t going to change that fact.

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