Monday, November 5, 2007

- Entrailicus bids for Festive 50 Immortality

Hi guys, long time no post. Sorry but the little'un has been more than a handful recently - approaching 5 months now.

Anyhows, noticing that the 2007 Festive 50 is now under way, I've decided to launch my bid for immortality here on the blog. I'm officially offering one of my own compositions for your consideration. Entitled Urban Sprawl, this is a track I've been working on for quite a while. As it stands, it still astounds me every time I listen to it, and for any of you out there composing your own music, you'll know how hard that is to achieve.

Voting in this year's Festive 50 is easy. click on the pic below:

Festive 50 2007

My new ambition in life is to be a featured artist on the ever wonderful Teenage Kicks Festive 50 as an artist.

However, I don't want sympathy votes: only vote for me if this track startles you into taking action. Please, whatever you do, download the bugger and give it a listen..

Download the file

Urban Sprawl by Entrailicus, previously unreleased.

I was umming and aaghhing for ages about this, I eventually decided on aagghh.


So It Goes said...

Dear number one fan...I have a remit only for the 1976-2004 charts (see my newest posts for the reason why)...but, if your track makes the FF (as I have absolutely no doubt it will), I will make your dream come true, and am flattered you consider this to be the pinnacle of your life's achievement.
P.S. While you're about it, vote for the All Time All Time FF...see my blog.
P.P.S. Make the cheque out to cash, there's a pal ;-))

domestic empire said...

Have you thought of converting it to mp3? 41.61 MB is by no means large for a wav file but it might put a few people off especially if they have bandwidth restrictions.

I'm getting the full 'hi-fi' version now anyway - looking forward to hearing it


domestic empire said...

Hey I really like this. I should add it to my next FaithHealer MiX at jped.

I'd love to do a remix! (",)

Anonymous said...

You know what, forget the festive 50, that's recognition enough for me!

I'll make the samples available if you'd like.


So It Goes said...

No!!! Hold that thought young Adam, and check my latest post! The FF is within your grasp!!!

Ed said...

Hi, heard the track over at So It Goes' Festive Fifty blog, it's excellent. Would you mind if i featured it on 17 Seconds?


entrailicus said...

I'd love you to...

THANKS for all your support guys! This track will remain 100% free to anyone so share it around as much as you like.

domestic empire said...

Hope you don't mind but here's a smaller mp3 version. Still good quality though at 320kbps & properly tagged - I hope:

Urban Sprawl - Entrailicus (echo edit) (",)

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